Performance Styles

Name Style Numbers Dance Styles
Team Desi Town Bollywood 3 Couples & more Bollywood, Fusion, Contemporary, latin ( 2-8 sequences)
Graffitti Crew Hiphop 10 members power packed, acrobat, hiphop live entertainment (15mins to 1 hour non-stop)
Jeez All Stars Crew All Girls 4 to 8 girls Hiphop, Latin, Bollywood fusion, etc (2-5 sequence)
Beat Boxers & BBoys Live Crew 4-10 members Live Beat Boxing, also rappers & dancers fusion (2-5 sequences)
G-RevLution Crew Kids & Teen 9 members Entertaining, fun, beatboxing, talented acrobat performance (2-5 sequence)
Future PUNKS LED Team 2-7 members EL Suit dance performances, robotic fusion, light sequenced performances
MFL Super Crew Flash Mob Team 20-100 & above dancers Concept performances