Sritheren is a trend-setting choreographer, creative director and dance coach. His style is "fresh" and on the cutting-edge. His training has helped dancers find jobs in the entertainment industry as well a passion for the performing arts. But although his credentials are inspiring, his main passion is to inspire young people to walk a life of purpose and without compromise.

Sritheren, Movie Choreographer, creative director and dance Coach. He is the Founder & Director of HipHop India Dance Co. He has been instrumental for hip-hop dance culture in Bangalore. Sritheren has been a teacher to the upcoming teachers under HipHop in the South. His style is "fresh" and on the cutting-edge.

He has worked with star choreographers, dancers, various artists and as asst. choreographer he worked in the big banner Aamir Khan’s super-hit movie 3 Idiots, & few kollywood, Sandalwood Movies.

As a Film Choreographer he has choreographed for Hotel Ustad, many TVC’s, Corporate films, Live Shows, Annual events, Awards, etc., and he has been signed for 1 Bollywood Movies as Choreographer in June 2013.